Letty Mortensen, Pro Surfer, Avalon NSW

“So extremely grateful to have been introduced to Kym. It came about following my pars fracture at the beginning of 2016. I train a lot, and I really never had a lot of energy, she straight away was able to change that.

Kym is able to advise me on what dietary changes and supplements to take to support my quickest recovery as part of my team of therapists.
I have continued to see Kym on an ongoing basis whenever I am home in Sydney and have been able to consult with her when I’ve needed to while out of the country due to surfing.

We talked about what supplements I could take to make my life easier in feeling energetic and feeling good, wherever I was. Although people think surfing is a relaxed sport, it’s ultimately a job and Kym understands the stresses it puts on me.
Kym is a great resource and I would really recommend her to any sportsperson or any person in general looking to optimise their body and know that what they’re putting in is healthy!”

Stacy, Expectant Mamma, Brisbane QLD

“My husband and I had been trying to conceive our second child for 12 months. It was really important to achieve pregnancy without the use of drugs and having had one child before I knew it was possible, but as time went on I started to lose hope and thought IVF might be our only chance.  There didn’t appear to be any major issues with either of us so then when we had 2 failed rounds we were left devastated. We were just about to try another round when I had my first consultation.  You really listened to my concerns and took them on board and suggested I make some small changes and wait a few months for these changes to really take effect. It is early days, but so happy to say that after only a couple of months we were able to fall pregnant on our own.

Kym, you are amazing at what you do.  Your knowledge and professional guidance have been invaluable to me. Thank you so much and I look forward to you meeting our little miracle.”

Charlotte, Digesting Life, Sydney NSW 

My daughter was 3 months old when she first had trouble emptying her bowels. Even at this young age she had to strain and going to the toilet proved stressful and painful. At around 12 months our GP put her on stool softeners. These didn’t do much and so I took her to a gastrointestinal specialist. He promptly put her on stronger stool softeners. My daughter then spent the next 18 months avoiding going to the toilet 

 and once a week (because her body took over) had to endure a visibly painful emptying of her bowels. This became a vicious cycle, she would hold on, and on and on until she couldn’t any more. Then it would really hurt when she did go and so she would try and hold on again. Just before she turned 3 I took her to a different specialist who said we had to try something stronger for 3 months and if that didn’t work we had to try surgery. This didn’t sit well with me…so I found Kym. She was amazing. She spoke to my daughter throughout the consultation as much as she spoke to me and instilled a confidence in my daughter that these ‘horrible poos’ could and would go away. She then gave us some drops for my daughter, who took them twice a day. SIX WEEKS later my daughter was going to the toilet regularly, and has been ever since (this was 2 years ago). I cannot recommend Kym highly enough. Her confidence, her calm manner and her non-judgemental attitude was exactly what my daughter and I needed. Thank you a million times over Kym.”