Are your emotions making you sick?


Often, we get emotional when we’re unwell. And it’s important to consider the potential reasons behind why we may have gotten sick in the first place.

A friend of mine has had a persistent cold for a few weeks now. This friend rarely gets sick

in fact in all the years I have known her, she hasn’t had the flu or even a cold. Despite her heightened healthy eating, herbal interventions, hygienic sleeping and general taking-care-of-herself, she couldn’t shake the cold. This did not add up and I sensed that there was something else going on.

So we talked.

Turns out her beloved dog of 10 years had just crossed over. She had been so overcome with getting through, she forgot to say goodbye.

Usually there is a lot more to being unwell than just the physical symptoms. Our evidence-based medicine sure makes a difference but acknowledging the power of emotions on our physical body are worthy of reflection too.

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