Congested Sinuses?

With the humidity offensive Sydney’s weather has been throwing at us, it’s little wonder many are suffering from congested sinuses.

Here’s why

In winter, common hand-to-hand transmission is responsible for our winter sickies, while in the warmer months, the pores of our skin are open for longer, allowing pathogens to enter our system in a whole new way. Add allergies and traditional causes of cold and flu to this mix and is there any wonder we can’t shake it!

Over-indulgence, dietary imbalances and excessive busy-ness [thanks, lifestyle expectations] can lay a heavy burden on our system, leading to a reduced immune response. A perfect storm, one could say, to ensure that persistent URT (Upper Respiratory Tract) funk stays around, like an annoying Christmas day relative still occupying your futon in February.

If left unresolved, long-standing URT’s may create a far greater problem, such as headaches, fever, ear infection, laryngitis and even pneumonia, the list is endless.

So if you find yourself holding on to congested sinuses for way longer than your normal, it’s time for action!

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Tumblr gif credit: The Odd Couple (movie), 1968