Preconception Food


This Post offers some insight to the basic foundations required to have most bodies functioning optimally. The good news is that all of these foundations are essential for the optimisation of healthy body* function in general, regardless of your goal!  That means this is a healthy eating and lifestyle post geared towards setting you up to be the healthiest you . . .  which also happens to provide the perfect environment for development and growth!

So, what ARE the basic steps?

It feels like everyone is talking about preconception care these days. Blogs, articles and recipes flood social media pages offering everything from supplements to miracle medicines and meditation for preconception care. This makes it confusing and sometimes overwhelming for my clients.

PRECONCEPTION: Get the foundations right!

IN: A diet high in fresh vegetables, fruit, grains, legumes, nuts & seeds, and plant oils, with some lean proteins and fatty fish provide our primary food foundations. This diet is anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants; both are exceptionally beneficial aspects of a healthful long-term diet-style.

OUT: All healthy bodies have one thing in common; very little alcohol, minimal added sugar and low refined carbohydrate intake. There is no getting away from it. For many, removing these foods, drinks and associated social triggers are difficult!  It is very helpful to have friends and family members to support this aspect of changing diet and lifestyle.

IN: Exercise regularly, but not crazily! Medium intensity cardiovascular exercise, i.e. walking, is ideal. You can achieve this intensity easily as you can talk but are unable to sing at this pace.

OUT: Stress (enough said!)

IN: Joy! Bring more joy in to your life. If there is stress present our bodies engage our sympathetic nervous system (flight of right). Meaning we’re ready to fight lions in the Savanna or, more colloquially, wallop someone in peak hour traffic. Instead, do what you need to rest your body (engaging the parasympathetic nervous system); listen to music, see good friends, laugh big belly laughs!

If you’re looking for individualised preconception care or to make your body healthier, I can help.

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*As applied to healthy body function in otherwise healthy adults.